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9 Vital Things to Check to Make Sure Your E-commerce Store Sells

If you are new to the business of selling online, although your site might look ready to sell products, whether it will achieve conversions is another matter entirely. When someone views a product page, there are various factors that they are going to be taking into consideration when deciding whether they should make a purchase from your site rather than from another company. There are several things that you can do to make this purchasing decision easier for them.

TEC Digital Solutions has done the hard work for you and outlined 9 vital things to ensure that the majority of visitors to your site actually end up making a purchase. Check out 10 vital factors that you need to take into consideration before launching your e-commerce store to the public!

1. Keep the Homepage Simple

Site visitors can be turned off by the smallest of things, and this includes what your homepage looks like. In order to get a site visitor to stay long enough to make a purchase, you should keep your homepage simple. Make sure to get your website done by a company that knows how to dot their I’s and cross their T’s.

2. Add Contact Details

A company automatically becomes more trustworthy when they provide their contact details such as address and contact phone number. As people are more likely to make a purchase from a company that they trust, this can only be a good thing.

3. Add a Free Trial

When making a purchase, especially for something that may require multiple payments like subscriptions, customers are often worried about not liking the purchase or service after they have paid for it. When a company provides a free trial, people will feel more confident about the fact that the product will be high quality, and if they like what they try, chances are they will come back and make a purchase.

4. Use a Trust Seal

Although online shopping has been around for a long time now, customers, especially those of the older generation, are sometimes a little bit wary about trusting sites with their payment information. Over 70% of shoppers would cancel their orders just because they don’t trust the website that it comes from. A trust seal is a seal that is granted by an entity to an online business to demonstrate to customers that the site is concerned with security and willing to showcase their business identity.

5. Share Testimonials

Often making a purchase online is all about trust, if someone knows that a brand is trustworthy, then they will have no problem with making a purchase from them. Adding customer testimonials can prove from real-life people that the brand is trustworthy.

6. Larger Product Images

What you see is what you get. Customers want to see what they are buying, therefore the larger the product image the better. This way, people will know exactly what it is they should expect to turn up at their door, and not be turned off by not knowing what they are going to get.

7. Optimize the Checkout Process

There is nothing more frustrating for an online retailer than seeing people get the checkout stages of making a purchase, only to click off the site and go elsewhere. One of the main reasons that this happens is if the checkout process is slow and time-consuming, with lots of different steps to complete. Here at T&C Minds, we know how to make the process run smoothly.

8. Add an FAQ for Products

The more information that you can include about individual products the better. This way, customers are able to see the sort of questions that other people wanted to know the answer to and are likely to get their own questions answered without having to get in contact with the company themselves. It also shows that the company is responsive and willing to answer any questions that a customer may have.

9. Offer Free Shipping

People love getting a bargain, so if they see that they are about to get a product from your company with free shipping over another company that charges for shipping, chances are they are likely to go with you. Although this means that you as a company will have to pay for the shipping, you will definitely be making money in the long run.

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